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Welcome on our website.

We are specialists in making gadgets for fans and supporters.

Our range of products is wide. In our offer you will find things that you need for your group from personal style ( clothes, scarves, gadgets) to stadium style (tifo, pyrotechnic, choreography).

What do we offer? Yes, low prices and good quality. This is our mission. Why do you have to look for products through internet from random sources when you can order everything from one place? It is easier and cheaper.

Here comes a short list of our general products.

Scarves - Knitted from 10 pcs, Knitted with embroidery from 10 pcs, Printed from 10 pcs.

Clothes - Hoodies from 10 pcs, Zip hoodies from 10 pcs, Ninja hoodies from 10 pcs, Wind jackets from 10 pcs, T-shirts from 10 pcs, Polo shirts from 10 pcs. On all of these you can put your embroidery or overprint.

Accessories - Winter caps from 20 pcs, Gloves from 10 pcs, Key holders from 50 pcs, Stickers from 500 pcs, Magnets from 50 pcs, badges/buttons from 10 pcs, socks from 50 pairs.

Pyrotechnics - Flares, Strobo flares, Red strobo flares, Smokes.

Choreography - Baloons, Material, Banners, Flags, Overheads, Plast jackets.

It is hard to put everything here, so if you are looking for semthing which is not present here, just contact us.

It does not matter for us if your group has 10 or 100 members. We will fit our offer to your needs. You will be pleased with our prices and service - it is guaranteed.



1. Do you need a graphic help? We will fix it for you without any costs.

2. If you want to test our quality you can order our test package, we will send it to you so that you have a possibility to check our products.

3. We are always trying to send ready products as soon as possible. The time of realization is often set between 5 and 21 days. It all depends on amount and product that you are ordering.

4. If you want to stay with us and cooperate - we will give you discounts and bonuses.

5. We are not doing like other companies that are overproducing things to sell them later to collectors and other people. If you have ordered 10 scarves, you will receive 10 scarves. Nothing will be left in our company. This gives you a guarantee that nothing unique will spread out.

6. All informations that you need you can find in ''Contact'' file or use the formula below.



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